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Thursday, 12 December 2019

The Vox, Resorts World, Birmingham

The Pickaquoy Centre Trust

The Pickaquoy Centre Trust

The pool and spa is used for a number of sessions from simple public swimming to group exercise classes, swimming lessons and inflatable sessions.

Although the pool is part of the facilities the Trust manages on behalf of the Council and is accessed by the general public it is attached to the caravan and camping park.  Accessing the pool is very simple as the pool/leisure facilities and campsite are all on the same campus.  

Calvin Reid the pool manager is a dedicated member of the senior management team who works tirelessly to ensure the pool and spa surpasses customer expectations.  He ensures the pool is clean, hygienic and safe everyone. 

Lauren Johnston is the senior customer service adviser; Lauren manages the customer service team who are the welcome face of the centre and direct customers and ensure they have an enjoyable experience. 

Dave Rowe, Linda Schollie, Slyvia Ward & Sarah Dempsay are the unsung heroes!  They make up the cleaning team who work in hot and humid conditions to ensure the village changing, toilets and showers are clean and tidy.     

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